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Away again! After a short week back from the States, I’m now in London. Picking my school/work life back up. I’ve spent so much time on the plane these past months that I’ve pretty much come up with a great post-flight skin healing routine. As most of you know, our skin tends to get really dry after long-haul flights. Other than staying hydrated during the flight, what you do after is just equally important. No jest.  Sóley Elíasdóttir followed her great-great grandmother’s footsteps by embracing the healing power of herbs. She founded Sóley Organics in 2007, generating their herbs from the highlands in Southern Iceland. Everything is handpicked and infused with the purest spring water.

終於回到倫敦了,這一兩年,陸陸續續去了好多國家,體驗並瞭解不一樣的文化。不過,對於許多人口耳相傳的冰島,依然是十分陌生。聽說,極光很美,人生一定要看一次。聽說,租車環冰島,別有風味。聽說,一路上會有許多比地理課本更精彩的天然景觀。聽說再聽說,在雙眼生羨看著朋友的傳來的一張張照片時,一封電郵,開啟了我對冰島了另一種認知。冰島的草本,有著溫和質樸的修護的力量。在短暫的夏季,親自採收,與當地的山泉水相互融合,給予肌膚最清心自然的療癒呵護。創辦人 Sóley Elíasdóttir,承接了曾祖母的曾祖母的理念,以這樣的精神,卸下電影圈的光環,在 2007 年創立了 Sóley Organics。

All of Sóley’s skin and hair products include the four signature wild Icelandic herbs – Bearberry, Yarrow, Birch & Willow. While each herb has their own specific benefit, the goal is to nourish the skin and give it a healthy glow. 

If you remember from my previous beauty posts, I’m a big fan of oil. And this Hrien Lotion Cleanser comes with two of my favourite oils: coconut and almond oil. Not only it gently lifts your makeup, but the formula is also rich in hydration and antioxidants. Though many cleansers do clean perfectly, not many have the beneficial effect of this one. In my situation, my tired post-flight skin definitely felt better after.



The one thing that I instantly discovered about the Sóley products is that they don’t come with any scent. Just like their packaging, fuss-free, nothing fancy but it works perfectly. At least for me. eyGló in Icelandic means eternal glow, which is perfect for this rich organic product. I normally apply a thick layer in the evening and wake up with the dewiest and brightest skin I’ve had in for a while.

在試用的過程中,發現 Sóley 的產品都帶著清新的草本味。如同他們的包裝,低調不造作,簡樸卻強而有力。植萃亮妍保濕霜,在英語官網上稱為 eyGló pure moisturiser;eyGló 在冰島意指「永恆之美」,這樣的名字,再適合不過了。當做乳霜外,有時候在臉部特別乾燥時也能厚敷,隔天起來不管是保水度或是亮度都提升不少。

Natural beauty, in my opinion, is by far the biggest skin care trend. In that sense, I wouldn’t hesitate and say Sóley Organic the more powerful ones in the area. Gentle, but powerful, which will undoubtedly cure our dry skin after flights. Got another one in three weeks, it’s been non-stop, and it would probably continue to be. And that’s how I like it.

近期,天然有機在美妝保養成了股最長久的潮流。Sóley Organics 是在這類的品別中能較快見效的,處處到位,提倡著溫柔但有力的保養,的確少見。最為長途旅行後的保養,特別合適。三個禮拜後又有再搭上另一班飛機,身體或許疲累,但精神卻是挺亢奮的。當然,這次依然會帶上來自冰島的 Sóley Organics(笑)


in collaboration with Sóley Organics.